Last Day Of Being 19

Long time, no see people of wordpress ! I missed all of you so very much ! It has been literally a month since I last posted a blog post telling you all about the theme of the blog, the things I wanted to blog about AND what you can except to read on this corner ( you should probably check that out). The reason I haven’t been active lately was because my finals are coming up pretty soon, and revisions take literally 75% of my time.. we’re working hard in here people ! just kidding, but it’s really time consuming and you can’t really afford to take some time off because that would pretty much wreck your schedule, college life man… I’m sure you feel me.

Today’s post isn’t really fashion related, although I’m planning lots of posts for that so keep an eye out for it 😉 I am the type of person who holds dearly to souvenirs, and memories, thinking about nice moments instantly lifts my mood, and I definitely love to have something to look back at, whether it’s pictures, or in this case.. blog posts. what better way to kiss the teen years goodbye than to have an entire blog post dedicated to them ? Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, It’s not like I’m gonna wake up as a complete different person tomorrow nor I feel like that would take away that feeling of youthfulness.. but it’s a whole new chapter worth being excited for, isn’t it ?

As you can you read from the title, today is the last day where i’ll be considering myself a teen.. tomorrow i’m turning the big 2-0 !

Looking back at those last 10 years is leaving me with mixed feelings, but overall.. I’m feeling quit joyous and thankful for every single moment I had thus far, the experiences and everything that has happened shaped the person that I am today and the person I’m about to be.

Part of me feels a little bit of nostalgia when I look back at my teen years, as if I was leaving it behind, closing a shelf and throwing the key in the ocean (that’s how dramatic I am). But, it doesn’t have to be like that, it’s true that these moments and those feelings and everything that has happened will never come back, I will never get to experience being 16 again, or all the fun moments I had when I was 17, the only thing that’s left are memories and the good feeling you get when you think back about a certain moment when life was good to you, but growing up doesn’t mean you’re loosing something, or you have to burry your memories in order to start fresh ( unless it’s bad memories, then moving on is key and I encourage that vehemently ! ) my teen years are a part of me that I will always cherish and hold dearly, I don’t mean that I want to be stuck in them and never move on, but it doesn’t have to “end” it’s more of a continuity, keeping the fun part and adding more virtues and values along the way, not repeating the same mistakes and enjoying every moment !

The only advice I can give you, wether you’re turning 20 – 10 or 45 is to E N J O Y the moment, enjoy yourself and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones, because at the end, age is just a number..

Here’s to being 20 ❤



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