☆ W E L C O M E ☆

Blank webpages, journals or even notebooks are as exciting as they are scary… you have a mountain of ideas that you wanna share but the moment you decide to put them into words… nothing comes.

Now what if I told you that this blog has been created back in September 2017, but hasn’t seen the light of day until.. well.. today ! and there’s no particular reason behind it, well, maybe procrastination has a lot to do with this but also, I kept putting off the idea of starting my own blog because I was waiting to come up with something so original and enlightening, which made me feel like everything I brainstormed was just lame and déjà-vu.

But none of it happened, simply because I was the one giving myself negative feedback instead of just doing it ! So here I am, writing what seems to be an introduction to my virtual space “Chronique De Style”.

From it’s name, This blog is pretty much about Fashion, my one true love. And before you close this tab thinking “ugh, another fashion blogger” let me tell you that this fashion blog won’t solemnly focus on detailed outfits of the day or anything else that has been flooding the fashion niche.

When I created this blog, I was (and still am) very fascinated by the technical side of the fashion world. What I mean by that is everything that leads to the creation of those amazing  pieces that we see on the runway, the inspiration behind a certain theme, the vision of the designer.. basically everything that goes behind the scenes, the making-of. I wanted to give my take on that, some sort of fashion critique but nothing professional tho, just a fan’s point of you 😉

As I said already, Chronique De Style isn’t just about fashion, it covers all aspects of daily life with a stylish touch added to it. Or at least my definition of stylish. From lifestyle to home decor, everything that inspires me will have a spot.

I hope I was able to deliver you my vision of what I want this blog to be about, I also hope that my little story has giving you a little coup de pouce to just do whatever you’ve been putting off lately and stand tall in the face of fear. Because what seems to be lame and boring to you, might be inspiring and the very thing somebody else needs !

Fendi 2007 Great Wall Of China show. credits : Pinterest.


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  1. Ashton Phillips says:

    I look forward what is to come


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